Proposal Writing Consultation

Following are resources that support University researchers in proposal writing:


Arete’s research development team consults on large-scale, multi-unit research initiatives. They also oversee limited opportunity submissions. 

Foundation Relations and Corporate Relations

Foundation Relations and Corporate Relations offers a campus-wide resource for those within the UChicago community seeking support from non-governmental organizational donors for research, teaching, and other programs.

Office of the Vice President for Research and National Laboratories

One-on-one consultation with Fred Stafford, a highly accomplished academic and former program officer with 30 years of proposal writing experience, is available for faculty from all disciplines, including the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities, on a limited basis for early stage career development proposals as well as complex, multi-disciplinary initiatives. All discussions are held in confidence.

University Research Administration

University Research Administration provides guidance and resources for proposal development and is responsible for review and institutional endorsement of all proposals to Federal and other external sponsors (excluding gifts), assuring compliance with University policies and sponsor terms and conditions.