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  • Education & Outreach

    We offer programs that further the science education of school-aged children.

Our office helps to educate and excite future generations about the power of science.

Sparking curiosity among young people and public interest and support for science and research is an important goal of our office. From lectures and panel discussions to behind-the-scene tours, we provide a steady stream of programs that engage and inform community members about exciting research that takes place here and at our affiliated laboratories: Argonne, Fermilab and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research, Innovation and National Laboratories sponsors three speaker series designed to engage and educate members of the community about science and innovation that takes place here and at affiliated laboratories: Argonne OutLoud at UChicago,  Discovery Series,  and Science on the Screen

We also host an internal  Joint Speaker Series designed to connect UChicago faculty members with Argonne and Fermilab scientists, researchers and engineers to spark ideas for future collaborations.

For more comprehensive information about the University of Chicago’s work to improve K-12 education and prepare students for college, please see the Office of Civic Engagement’s Community Programs Directory.