Seed Funding

  • Funding Joint Initiatives

    Collaborative seed grants facilitate high-impact science

Supporting New Science

Nascent studies shape tomorrow’s science. The University of Chicago promotes field-advancing research through the Strategic Collaborative Initiatives seed grant program for join UChicago, Argonne and Fermilab projects.

These UChicago-funded grants support original, innovative early-stage research with potential to push the boundaries of our known world. One project funded by the program pioneers basic elements of quantum computers called qubits, which could impact cancer therapy, security and defense, food sanitization, and production of X-rays to characterize materials and pattern computer chips. From 2007 to 2011, UChicago funded more than 50 joint projects led by UChicago, Argonne and Fermilab scientists- including several that went on to receive millions more in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to continue their high-impact work.

The University of Chicago funds research projects with the intent to provide the basis for collaborative research between the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab.

Proposal Review Process

Proposals are reviewed by the Laboratory Directors, relevant Deans and other scientific experts. Research proposals that receive funding meet the following criteria:

  • The work to be accomplished has importance.
  • The project displays an ability for the collaboration to create a more powerful research program than could be achieved by one institution independently.
  • The proposal has a potential to achieve and sustain an ongoing collaboration between institutions.
  • Projects are funded between $50,000 to $100,000 for one year of research.

Research projects that have received funding in the previous year are eligible to receive a second year of funding, upon reapplication. Applications for a second year of funding must provide evidence of outstanding progress to date and clear potential for continued success.

Argonne-University Seed Grand Awardees

Fermilab-University Seed Grant Awardees

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